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Photo Submission Guidelines


1)      Submissions are welcome from both amateur and professional photographers residing within the State of Kuwait.

2)      Photographers must be the copyright holders of the photos submitted; they must be the authors of the pictures submitted.

3)      Photos submitted must meet the following criteria:

-          Must be uploaded in .jpg/ .jpeg format, with file size not exceeding 24 megapixels.

-          Should be saved in medium to high quality.

-          Horizontal images are strongly encouraged.

4)      The photo submission must include the photographer’s personal and contact information (First name – Middle name – Last name, Telephone Number and Email Address).

5)      The photo must be taken in the State of Kuwait.

6)      The photos should highlight the aesthetic, geographic, or cultural, aspects of Kuwait.

7)      No alteration to the content of the photo should be made. This includes the addition, rearranging, reversing, distorting of images within the frame. The only alterations accepted will be the removal of sensor dust or scratches on scans of negatives.

8)      Adjustments to color or conversion to grayscale – when they do not affect content- are permitted. Please keep in mind the following two exceptions:

-          Changes in color cannot affect hue where colors differ greatly from the original.

-          Alterations in density, contrast, color, saturation levels cannot obscure or eliminate backgrounds. It is also not permitted to obscure objects or people in the background of the photograph.

9)      Only entries submitted through the Kuna website will be considered.

10)   Entrants are allowed to submit a maximum of one photograph per week. Individual photos can only be submitted once. Entrants  are allowed to send the picture from Monday to Sunday. Any picture sent afterward will be reviewed for the following week.

11)   Photos submitted may be published on the copyright holder’s social media accounts, but cannot have been published on print or electronic media, such as in newspapers or magazines.

12)   No text should be featured on the photograph. This includes, but is not limited to, the name of the photographer, or any other details. Such information can be included in the metadata of the photograph, but should not be visible on the photo.

13)   The photo must be recent, not exceeding 12 months from the date of submission.

14)   A comprehensive caption must be included with the photograph during the submission process. The caption must include the 5 W’s (who-what-where-why-when) as related to the photograph.

15)   No stitching of photographs is permitted. Photos must be single frame.